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Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is University West’s overarching profile and basic principle applied to learning, the exchange of ideas, and educational development. The government has assigned the distinguished task of developing WIL to University West. Work integrated learning in education and research develops new, relevant and advanced knowledge both within the academy and among its partners, which also benefits society in general. University West offers a wide variety of study programs, has a good number of applicants and the students show a high entry rate on the labor market. The main research environments at University West are Production technology, Learning in and for the new working life and Child and youth studies and is conducted in collaboration with the surrounding society. Campus is centrally located in Trollhättan with about 15,000 students and 675 employees.

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Production Technology West
Production Technology West (PTW) is the largest research group at University West and has been a prioritized research environment since 2008. The research group conducts internationally renowned research in close collaboration with the industry. The research concentrates primarily on the development of production processes in the manufacturing industry and focus on welding, machining, additive manufacturing, thermal spraying, automation, inspection and control. The team also performs research on computer simulation, control and automation engineering and non destructive testing. An important aim of the research is to achieve sustainability in production. PTW is organized in three divisions (the division of welding technology, the division of additive and subtractive manufacturing and the division of production systems), each with a well-defined research strategy.

The division of production systems comprises about 25 coworkers and this position is within the sub group of industrial automations with a focus in flexible automation and Plug & Produce. The group works mainly with AI, multi-agent systems, Industry 4.0 and simulation-based methods to configure, program and optimize industrial automated production.

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Role description
The main duties includes teaching and research. The teaching duties include course responsibility and supervision of master and PhD students within the area of the position. The research is carried out in close collaboration with the rest of the research group and with our industrial partners in ongoing research projects with a focus on flexible automation. You will be conducting your own research in close collaboration with the head of the division and the rest of the group in order to merit as an senior lecturer.

A part of the research work is to organize experiments using advanced state of the art automation demonstrators. The results will form the base for the project reports, as well as for publications in international journals. An important duty is to participate in the development of the department and create new research applications together with the industry. The work will mostly be carried out at the Production Technology Center in Trollhättan, Sweden.

In order to be qualified for the position as an associate senior lecturer you need to have obtained a doctoral degree or achieved equivalent competence within industrial automation (discrete control). Applicants who have obtained a doctoral degree or achieved the equivalent competence in five years or less prior to the end of the application deadline will be given priority.

The employment also requires:

  • Excellent oral and written communications skills in English. The holder of the employment is expected to be able to teach in Swedish within two years.
  • Necessary personal capabilities to fully carry out the duties of the appointment in collaboration with the rest of the group.

The following skills will be considered meritorious:

  • Experience of Plug & Produce related research concepts.
  • Experience of automation research that includes formal methods, AI, multi-agent, Industry 4.0, PLC, control logic and optimization or simulation.
  • Documented experience of teaching at advanced level in courses, e.g. automation and PLC programming, programming/simulation of industrial robots and production simulation.

Assessment criteria
Special importance will be given to scientific skills in the subject field and the ability to develop research- and educational activities in collaboration with collegues and surrounding community. In addition, pedagogical skills in the subject field will be assessed. The subject field of the employment, the field description and work tasks should be taken into account, when evaluating the applicants skills.

Terms of employment
The position can be held for a maximum of four years. It is expected that an associate senior lecturer applies for a promotion to a senior lecturer. If the candidate is deemed suitable and fulfils the criteria for promotion established by the faculty board he/she shall be promoted to a senior lecturer. Such a promotion implies a permanent position as a senior lecturer.

During the selection process interviewing, example lecturing and referencing may be relevant. The applications should be made digitally using our recruitment tool.

For information about the design of the application, please see the guidelines for employment and promotion of teachers at University West:

Documents that cannot be sent digitally, such as books and publications, should be labelled with reference number R 2020/147 and sent in two copies.

The application is sent to:
Högskolan Väst
461 86 Trollhättan Sweden

In case of questions about the position, please contact head of division Mikael Ericsson at 0520-22 33 18 or

The application deadline is 2020-10-22.

We decline any direct contact with staffing and recruitment companies, as well as recruitment advertisers.

Type of employment Temporary position longer than 6 months
Contract type Full time
First day of employment According to agreement
Salary Monthly salary
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Trollhättan
County Västra Götalands län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2020/147
  • Mikael Ericsson, 0520-223318
Union representative
  • Victoria Sjöstedt, OFR, +46721-60 01 57
  • Henrik Johansson, SACO, +46520-22 33 25
Published 06.Nov.2020
Last application date 09.Nov.2020 11:59 PM CET

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